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Şirket Bilgisi (zorunlu): sasdas
Konum: asdad
Hakkında: Quick Details:
Type: Automatic Stacker
Condition: New
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Driven Type: Electric
Voltage: 220V (other voltage will provide the transformer)
Power: 10.0KW
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HOSON
Model Number: ZH-500S Automatic Paper Box Stacker
Dimension (L*W*H): 2.75*2.2*1.0m
Weight: 950KG
Color: White/Black

Product detail:
ZH-500S Automatic Paper Box Stacker, Automatic Paper Box Packer, and Folder Gluer Stacker
Product Introduction
The stacker (packer) is independent equipment placed after the pressing and conveyor unit on any folder gluer machine, to stack finished boxes vertically for manual packing. Through this system, folded boxes are turned 90 degree and their speed is reduced, so that operators can easily take them off and pack them in the carton outers, is a solution for more convenient delivery arrangement.
The delivery speed adjust automatically match up the main machine.
1.Box collection type: Applicable to collecting various types of boxes, such as straight line, lock-bottom, and 6-conner cartons.
2.Man-machine operation: Stacker direction can be customized (on left operation side or right driving side).
3.Manual/auto mode available. Synchronized with the delivery section in auto mode.
4.Upper belt pressing rollers with pressure individually adjustable according to stock types.
5.90° turning and conveying function to benefit stock alignment and compactness at the delivery section of the automatic folder gluer thus increase productivity and user friendliness.
Product Parameters:
Max width size after folding: 350mm
Min width size after folding: 50mm
Box: Straight line box, crash lock bottom box, 4 corner box and 6 corner box
Installation size: 2750mm x 2200mm x 1000mm
Total power: 1.7kw
Power supply: 220V
Total weight: 950kg
FITTING PARTS OF ZH-500S Automatic Paper Box Stacker
Parts Sourced Area Item Name
TAIWANEngine Motor
Air switch
TaiwanSpeed controller
Speed Motor
Continental GermanyTiming Belts
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Out packing: iron shelf or iron pallet
Inner packing: sponge paper (foam membrane), plastic bag and stretch film
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
Warranty: 1 year. The manufacturer will send the buyer new parts which are damaged (no intentional and artificial damage). However, the courier should be covered by the customer.Automatic Stacker for sale
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